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Ronald Lees Bursary
Children's Aid Society / La Société d'aide à l'enfance Nipissing Parry Sound

About Ronald L. Lees:

Mr. Ronald L. Lees worked in Child Welfare for over thirty years.

Before retiring January of 2005, he spent the last twenty-five years of his career as Executive Director of the Nipissing and Parry Sound Children’s Aid Society.


Ronald L. Lees $1,000 Bursary Award

The Bursary was established to ensure that adopted children from our Agency continued to benefit from work Mr. Lees promoted and supported in this area. His guidance and leadership helped create significant changes in the Child Welfare system, at the community and provincial levels.

Download the Ronald L. Lees Bursary Nomination form [PDF: 439 KB]

Download the Ronald L. Lees Bursary Application form [PDF: 534 KB]

Application deadline is May 15, 2019.



The annual award will be presented to: 

  • An individual child/youth who was adopted through the Nipissing and Parry Sound Children’s Aid Society or,
  • A youth on Adoption Probation or,
  • A youth moving toward adoption.
  • Recipient will have demonstrated a significant improvement in academic standing or other areas of development, and will be continuing to further his/her education.

More Information:

Further information and applications can be obtained from Nancy Lafrance Rich at 705.667.0172 or via e-mail at