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Children in Foster Care
Children's Aid Society / La Société d'aide à l'enfance Nipissing Parry Sound

Who are the children in foster care?

Every foster child is unique. Here are some examples of what we may encounter:

  • Siblings who need to stay together
  • Infants
  • Teens
  • Children from all cultural, religious and economic groups
  • Medically fragile
  • Special physical, developmental, emotional or mental needs
  • Exposed to family violence, neglect or abuse
  • Exposed to alcohol or drugs
  • Children who have lacked effective and safe parenting

How long are children in foster care?

Sometimes it's only for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Sometimes it's longer. CAS works towards reuniting the child with his or her parents. But this isn't always possible. In some cases, what's best for the child may be alternative permanency options.

  • On average 6 – 12 months

Why do children come into foster care?

There are many reasons children can be placed in foster care:

  • By a Children's Aid Society for the child's protection
  • Voluntarily by their parents or caregivers
  • By court order

This can happen when:

  • There's a family situation that could place the child at risk
  • A parent is ill or not available and can't make other arrangements for the child's care
  • The child has been neglected, abused or abandoned