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Foster Home Requirements
Children's Aid Society / La Société d'aide à l'enfance Nipissing Parry Sound

The Foster Home

There are a number of provincial regulations and standards for foster homes. During the application process, a caseworker will assess your home in the following areas: 

  • Common living areas of the home, including spaces for informal living, dining, food preparation and storage, bathrooms, bedroom for the child, grounds surrounding the home and a place or recreational space used by the children
  • Pets or other animals
  • Hazards/safety features
  • Access to a (land-line) telephone
  • Weapons in the home are inoperable, locked and inaccessible to children
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguisher and a procedure for evacuating the home in case of fire

The Foster Child’s Bedroom

The bedroom for a foster child must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a door and a window
  • Not be in an unfinished attic, basement, stairway hall, or in a building detached from the home
  • Have a clean bed, mattress and appropriate bedding
  • Child must not share a bed or sleeping room with an adult. Unless specific circumstances, such as illness, or the needs of the child require such supervision
  • No child age six or over may share a bedroom with a child of the opposite sex
  • Foster parent is readily available and within earshot of the child’s bedroom.