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Foster Parent Eligibility
Children's Aid Society / La Société d'aide à l'enfance Nipissing Parry Sound

Our Foster parents are diverse in race, culture, language, marital status and economic circumstances. Some parents have experience in fostering, while others have never fostered. Many have a history of working or training in social work, education, nursing, psychology or other professional fields with a desire to continue to use their skills in a parenting role, however many do not but want to open their homes to help children and youth. All of our Foster Parents share an honest interest in the wellbeing of children, respect for others and a devotion to helping the community. 

Foster Parents can be:

  • Single, married or living common-law 
  • Childless families, families with children or families who have finished raising children
  • Same sex couples or people from the LGBTQ community
  • Home owners or renters
  • Stay at home adults or people who work outside the home

Who makes a great foster parent?

  • You have a willingness to learn
  • You can adapt and will try new strategies
  • You are patient
  • You have the capacity to share joy and laughter
  • You are able to work as part of a larger team
  • You are able to lead by example
  • You can provide appropriate and consistent structure and support
  • You can help a child understand and cope with their situation
  • You have empathy for children and their birth parent situation
  • You have a good sense of humour
  • You have a strong support system and have a willingness to ask for help
  • You have the time to commit to the child and their wellbeing

Basic requirements:

  • A general interest from all members of the family
  • Willingness to participate in a pre-service training and home-study process
  • No serious criminal record
  • Stable source of income
  • Sufficient and safe physical space
  • Healthy family life
  • Smoke-free environment
  • Skills or relevant experience working with children
  • Love to laugh, and have an optimistic and positive life view

Getting the right information is key to knowing whether fostering is a possibility for you and your family. Some foster parent applicants have come to consider fostering as a very natural thing to do. Many feel that they would like to share the good things in their lives. People who foster often describe themselves as ordinary people who like children. They feel that their family has something to offer and because they value children they want to do something to contribute towards protecting and helping them develop. Key qualities of foster parents include being a great listener, having a good sense of humor, being optimistic and being able to accept the child’s or youth’s experience with their family as part of who they are.