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The Child Welfare Landscape in Ontario in 2018

Apr 23, 2018

There is truly work to be done regarding the Child Welfare system in our province. Understanding the current system and recommendations for improvement are one crucial way for our communities to help us in being part of the solution. In Ontario 46% of families receive CAS services because of adult mental health issues (including addictions). In the surveys conducted by Children’s Mental Health Ontario, 76% of families surveyed say it is difficult to know where to get help for mental health challenges. Mental health is one of the challenges facing the families we support, housing is another, 185,000 families are on wait list for affordable housing in Ontario with 40% of indigenous children living in poverty.

We believe in a province that helps families when they are struggling with challenging circumstances, and provides everybody involved – children, youth, and caregivers – the supports and services they need to get to a better place. Understanding child welfare is a crucial piece of working together to You can learn more here to help understanding child welfare, and most importantly its role in the wider social services system.