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Spread the Love - Fun Family Activity

Feb 13, 2019

Try these Valentine’s Day inspired sensory bottles!

This fun and easy activity is great way to get the whole family involved. It only takes a few materials that are easily found in most homes such as; empty clear bottles, water, baby oil, vegetable oil, glitter, food colouring, beads, straws etc. the options are endless!
Sensory bottles can be as simple or as complex as you’d like and are easily tailored to children of different age groups. Sensory bottles are a great way to engage children in sensory play without the mess. Sensory items have so many benefits to children’s development, it allows children to use a hands on approach to make sense of their environment. Sensory play can touch on many different learning areas such as; math, language, reading, social skills and science. Try bringing in different materials that match your child’s learning level (i.e. mix oil and water to allow your child to explore the different solubility of liquids – make it fun by adding food colouring and glitter!)