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FAQs: Where is the Board of Directors?

Mar 8, 2017

Why have there been two interim Presidents in the past 10 weeks?
Has the Board reached out to CUPE 2049 during the labour disruption?

Who is the Board President?

Our current Board President is John Stopper. Mr. Stopper has long served on the CAS Board, previously served as President, and has recently stepped back into the role. He has significant experience in CAS issues and Board leadership, and is available to fulfill the time demands of the position.

Mr. Stopper is readily available for any development allowing the board to be more responsive to management, CUPE Local 2049 and the media.


Why have there been two interim Presidents in the past 10 weeks?

To ensure that Board responsibilities are met and the Board President is available to the CAS, it is our governance to replace our President with an adequate alternate should the Board President be unavailable for any length of time. This is exceptionally important during the ongoing labour dispute.

From December 16 to mid-January, Joe Rogers was unavailable to the Board for personal and work related activities. Board member Darlene Vanderlee as Interim Board President covered Mr. Rogers’ responsibilities to the Board and CAS until his return. 


Why has Joe Rogers been replaced by John Stopper as the CAS Board President?

Joe Rogers has made the decision to step down as the CAS Board President because of his ongoing and demanding work commitments that deter him from maintaining the responsiveness required at this time. He continues to participate as an active Board member.


Has Joe Rogers left the Board of Directors?

No, Joe Rogers continues to be an active Board member.


Has the Board reached out to CUPE 2049 during the labour disruption?

Yes. Most recently on March 1 the Board extended an invitation to CUPE Local 2049 to attend a special meeting of the Board. The meeting would provide an opportunity for CUPE Local 2049 negotiating team to present their position to the Board directly.

The objective of this meeting would be to hear any facts in relation to CUPE Local 2049’s position and any concerns they may have.


Is the Board in contact with CAS Management and the ministry?

Yes. The CAS Board has been kept up to date on all details related to the ongoing labour disruption. The Board is in constant communication with CAS management and, through them, with the provincial government and members of the public. The CAS negotiating team continues to have the full support of the Board.


Has the Board made efforts to voice their position on the Ongoing Labour Disruption?

During the labour disruption the Board has made efforts where possible to state their position and involvement. In addition to maintaining frequent correspondence amongst the Board and CAS Management, the following action has been taken.

January 11 – Mr. Stopper participates in interview with Cogeco concerning negotiations.

January 23 – The Board of Directors releases a Letter to the Editor (Nugget) in response to CUPE 2049.

February 14 – Mr. Stopper, on behalf of the Board of Directors, releases a Letter to the Editor (Nugget / Bay Today) in response to CUPE 2049.

March 1 – Mr. Stopper, on behalf of the Board of Directors, extends an invitation to CUPE 2049 to present to the Board in a special meeting.


Is the Board still holding meetings?

Yes, the Board is in communications regularly. The Board of Directors has however determined that, for the duration of the labour disruption, all Board meetings will be held in camera. Until the labour disruption is resolved, the meetings will involve confidential discussions of labour issues and, as such, are required under the organization’s Bylaws and its Governance Policies and Procedures to be held in camera. Due to the ongoing labour disruption, the regular scheduled public board meetings have been on hold as of January 24, 2017.