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Speak Up For The Kids

Oct 13, 2017

CAS first and foremost goal is to keep families together. We exist not to judge, but to help and support.

“One of the first things I tell families is that we are here to work together to find the resources to help them get on a stable path.” - Jodie Barber, Intake Worker

On average, every year we receive more than 171,000 concerns about the safety or well-being of a child. We work with every concern on a case per case basis, observing family and relationship in this family, and finding for ways to help them stay together and stay safe and healthy together. In the result of those investigations, 100% of kids received help and 97% of children remained at home.

Read more about how we operate, and when your call is needed to help child abuse prevention:

In English – CAPM 2017 Brochure_EN.pdf

In French – CAPM 2017 Brochure_FR.pdf