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Community Action Program for Children
Children's Aid Society / La Société d'aide à l'enfance Nipissing Parry Sound

What is CAPC?

The Nipissing District Community Action Program for Children is for parents aged 13 to 22 who are pregnant or who have a child(ren) under 6 years of age. The purpose of this program is to help parents who wish to:

  • Learn about pregnancy
  • Learn how to improve caregiver health and that of their unborn child
  • Have someone to talk to
  • Learn about child development and parenting
  • Further their education

Our Goals

The Community Action Program for Children will:

  • Help young pregnant woman and/or people parenting identify their needs and the needs of their child(ren).
  • Provide information, support and links with services in their home community that are reflective of their culture and language.
  • Develop a plan of activities with the caregiver to encourage them to meet their goals.
  • Provide opportunities for the caregiver to meet other mothers and fathers with similar experiences.
  • Assist the caregiver to plan, solve problems and encourage their child(ren)’s healthy development.

CAPC works with other agencies in the Nipissing District to help parents find the services they need and assist them in participating in programs that meet their unique needs and goals. CAPC workers have varied backgrounds in health, education, social work, plus experience with children and young adults. Bilingual staff is available for francophone families.

For more information please call 705-472-0910 and ask for CAPC.