Arbour House

Making a Referral to Arbour House

Making a Referral to the Arbour House is simple. Please click here to access the Referral Form. This form includes information about your background and service involvement.

Your application will be reviewed by our Clinical Staff and you will be contacted about the status of your application. We are committed to a timely and responsive timeline however the turnaround time can vary depending on service volumes.

Want to know what to expect during your stay? Watch an orientation video here.

Service Flow

Click here to download a printable verision of the Service Flow.

Who Can I Contact if I Have Questions about the Arbour House?

You can contact the Arbour House by emailing or by calling (705) 497-5944.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the current capacity at the Arbour House?

Arbour House has the capacity for 8 youth.

What is the exclusion criteria?

Exclusionary criterion includes significant cognitive impairment or developmental disorder which meet criteria for other residential programs. Active and imminent self-harming behaviours, persistent suicidal or homicidal behaviour, or psychosis requiring hospitalization. Unresolved contagious diagnosis.

Will I have access to my electronic device when I’m at Arbour House?

Each youth guest will have a plan to meet their individual needs. The plan will include the best time to access electronics to ensure youth guests remain connected to loved ones.

Am I able to come and go as I please?

Our first priority at Arbour House is safety. Youth guests will have the opportunity for accompanied community participation and thoughtful planning for individual activities as well.

How long am I able to stay at Arbour House?

Arbour House is a short term, 60-90 day placement. Transition planning is an essential component of the program therefore you can expect Clinical Coordination once the youth guest is transitioning to their long term placement.