Adoption Icon depicting a heart interconnected with a "plus" symbol.


Adoption Icon depicting a heart interconnected with a "plus" symbol.


Adoption Through the Children’s Aid Society

Sibling groups needs a family. Older children need families. Children and youth with exceptional needs need families.

When a child or youth is unable to permanently live with his or her natural family, and both extended family and members of their community have been exhausted as possibilities for care, we seek an alternative to ensure the child or youth’s long-term care and wellbeing.

Adoption is intended to provide children and youth with permanency, security, and lifelong support. Children and youth of all ages can be adopted and come from a variety of cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, as well as complex lived experiences. As such, The Children’s Aid Society of the District of Nipissing and Parry Sound welcomes diversity in adoptive parents.

Are you seeking to adopt a sibling group, older child, or a child or youth with medical and/or various exceptionalities? Are you open to working with the child or youth’s biological family?


You are an individual or couple interested in growing your family through public adoption, and meet all of the following criteria…

  • Minimum 18 years of age;
  • Resident of Nipissing or Parry Sound District;
  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Applicants must not be actively pursuing fertility treatments;
  • Applicants must not be actively pursuing pregnancy;
  • No verified incidents of child abuse; and,
  • No criminal charges pending or significant criminal background.

Important Note: Anyone interested in adoption needs to be prepared to engage in the adoption HomeStudy and training process. For couples applying, both partners require to be fully committed to pursuing adoption and in a stable relationship.

On April 4, 2022, the Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO) launched a new centralized adoption intake service, funded by the Ministry of Community, Children and Social Services, to inquire about adoption, please call (877) 236-7820 or visit