Hiring Process

Step 1: Job Posted 

Job are posted both internally and externally on Society Website, The OACAS Website as well as The Job Bank.

Step 2: Applications

Applications are received and reviewed, The Society focuses on looking for education, experience and transferable skills in candidates resume.

Step 3: Interviews

Selected candidates will be called for an interview. The interviews are generally conducted with a member from HR and two supervisors (when possible). The interview questions are behavioural based and examples of candidate’s previous experience are needed in each answer. A second, less formal, interview will be conducted should the candidate move forward.

Step 4: Testing

Candidates may be required to complete computer testing in Microsoft Office programs as well as French proficiency testing for bilingual positions.

Step 5: References

Prior to an offer being made, The Society will check references and confirm candidate’s education.

Step 6: Candidate Selected

Candidates will be contacted after an interview by telephone if successful, unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter.