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Foster Care

Alternative Care Icon depicting a heart inside a house.

Foster Care

Become a Foster Parent

Our goal is to keep families together in their own homes, however in situations where that is not possible, we turn first to a relative, extended family member, or a member of the child’s community.

Foster care is a temporary care arrangement for children and youth who for one reason or another, cannot remain in their own family home.

Foster parents provide a vital service to our communities, creating a safe environment for children and youth to grow and learn. Those who care for foster children provide more than a home – they create hope during critical stages of development.

Who Can Foster?

Individuals who are single, married, living in a common law or same sex relationship.  People who are working, retired or at home full-time. 

Individuals who will support and promote a child or youth’s identity and culture (i.e., children who identify with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, FNIM communities, Black and other racialized communities).

We are looking for homes for:

  • Children and youth in all age groups
  • Homes for sibling groups
  • Homes for youth transitioning to independence
  • Caregivers from diverse cultural backgrounds

We are also looking for care providers who are knowledgeable in the area of trauma and trauma-informed care.

Specific Cultures/Identities and Communities we are looking for:

  • Indigenous
  • Black and/or racialized